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Bill Rodgers, Photographer 

How many years have you participated in ArtSquared and what gets you excited about this event?  

This will be my third year.  I have fun making the squares, and sharing them with the wide and supportive audience that attends the event. The event is great fun, because it attracts so many local artists working in varied media. 

What role does the artist and art play in a community? 

It’s really simple: Through their works, artists bring joy to those in the community who are exposed to their work and who enjoy it.  

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Featured Art

6 photo(s) Updated on: 20 Aug 2017
  • Bill Rodgers, Artist
  • Bill Rodgers, “Spring on Coppei Creek”, Photograph, 6x6
  • Bill Rodgers, "Shidare Eda", Photograph, 6x6
  • Bill Rodgers, “Fall on the North Fork”, Photograph, 6x6
  • Bill Rodgers, “Fog at Dodge”, Photograph, 6x6
  • Bill Rodgers, “Snow in the Hollow”, Photograph, 6x6

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