What is our mission?

In 2018, a group of nine nonprofit arts organizations began talking about many of the challenges they face, particularly when it comes to office space, having places to meet, and being able to find places to store their equipment. Together, they applied to the Sherwood Trust for a planning grant, to scope out the idea and bring in outside expertise. At this point, the shared space for the arts is a concept, and we are going through an iterative process, guided by The Nonprofit Centers Network, to determine how big this space might be, who will call it home, and much more.

What is our timeline?

We want to ensure that our community can support this project for the long term. After the needs assessment concludes in October, we will have a better understanding of how much and what types of space that arts organizations in Walla Walla need. At that point the nine groups will determine if they want to go forward with real estate analysis, financial modeling, and more. Many shared spaces take three to five years to develop once the feasibility study is complete. 

October 15: Feasibility survey feedback meeting with NCN

October 29: Feasibility feedback review partner group meeting

November 5: Partner group update meeting

Post November 5: Send report to Sherwood Trust

Who is involved?

While the nine partners (presented on the right) have started the process, many shared spaces serve a broader community and The Nonprofit Centers Network tells us that often the core partner cohort changes over the course of the planning process with new organizations joining the cohort and others finding other ways to meet their needs. We are exploring a variety of models with a range of opportunities for community participation. 

What will the shared space look like?

At this point, we have not made any commitments to the amenities that will be offered at the space. So far, we have heard that office, storage, rehearsal, meeting, gallery and training space are of interest. 

Examples of what successful shared spaces look like:

1. TwispWorks

2. Ashland Art Center 

3. The Red Brick 

How can I be involved?

The most successful shared spaces are designed to meet the needs of their community. If you are a part of an arts organization that is looking for space on a regular or permanent basis, please contact us. Our funding is primarily to support the needs of nonprofit arts groups, but we’d like to learn more about your needs. 

If you are a community member who has thoughts you would like to share, then shoot us an email wallawallaartscollaborative@gmail.com

Still have questions?

Check out our website for more information or to keep up to date!

If you want more information on our foundational process, click here.

Who are the partner groups?

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