ArtWalla’s Dan Dunn
Memorial Arts Scholarship

Dan discovered the arts late in life, starting with a watercolor class he took in his spare time.  Dan was able to sink his teeth into his newfound hobby with a great focus and determination, producing a staggering number of paintings in a short amount of time.  He soon switched to oil painting, and his skill increased significantly along the way, culminating in some fine still-life floral compositions and superb seascapes.  All of this was accomplished “on the side,” with his own money, and with minimal initial payback…as is often the case with folks who pursue some form of education in the arts.

Dan’s story is a fine example of how the arts can enrich a person’s life, at any stage.  Now, ArtWalla is committed to supporting and strengthening the arts in the Walla Walla valley, and so, naturally, supporting arts education is a critical part of our mission.  Thus, in honor of Dan Dunn, we are creating an annual scholarship fund that will be used specifically to help aspiring artists like Dan pursue arts education here in the Walla Walla Valley.

 The funds received from the sale of his artwork at CAVU Cellars, are being used to establish this ANNUAL ARTS EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP in Dan’s memory.  

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