Ceramics Workshop with Tom and Elaine Coleman

  • 08 Sep 2019
  • 13 Sep 2019
  • Walla Walla University, 204 S. College Ave., College Place, Wa. 99324

Tom Coleman in Walla Walla, Wa. Slip, Glaze and Fire September 8-13th, 2019 (50% deposit)

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Workshop Fee: $1000.00. A deposit of $500.00 holds your place in this workshop. The remaining balance is due during the week of the workshop.

Workshop Facility:

10 Potters' Wheels, 12 cu ft Geil Gas Kiln" Fiber, Electric Kilns for Bisque.

Workshop Location:

Walla Walla University, 204 S. College Ave., College Place, Wa. 99324

Lodging: We recommend Airbnb lodging. There are also good hotels in the area. Walla Walla is known for it's Wineries.

​Instruction Included in this Workshop: All of the work being done in this workshop is hands-on participation. From spraying slips and glazes using the new aerosol application. We'll be loading kilns and carving with Elaine Coleman. There are a few wheels at this facility which makes throwing optional. People can take turns throwing porcelain and decorating with Magic Slip and watching Tom's demonstrations. We've got a lot of work planned for this workshop!

We'll start with hands-on participation for Sunday and Monday of the workshop week with spraying slips and glazes. Starting on Tuesday of the workshop week some participants will be on the wheels. The wheels are in a separate room. Some people will want to try some of the techniques while others will want to continue watching Tom's demos. And, some participants will want to learn with Elaine Coleman. Have a tile or bottle to work on with Elaine Coleman. She will be teaching Incising Porcelain. During this week we'll be firing a bisque and 2 cone 10 reduction kilns with loading, candling, going into reduction and a quick-cool technique to enhance your colors in reduction.

Glazes For 2019: NEW INFO: We'll be talking about shinos and sharing our latest information for firing them in a brick kiln. We'll have at least one shino with us for participants. Tom's also decided to do some jewel-like colors poured over diamond black. We'll be spraying (aerosol) Black Magic Slip and Diamond Black. And, we'll be pouring Tiki, Copper Red, Purple and Bubble White. Along with a few aerosol accents. We'll have a total of 8-10 glazes with multiple effects for our two cone 10 reduction firings.

Bring (or ship) up to 10 pre-created bisque fired pottery for glazing and firing during the workshop week. Always remember the work you bring to a workshop is for testing new techniques, slips and glazes. Bring work to practice on. Do NOT bring important work you have to have to sell.

Special Note: Bring cups, tea bowls, small bottles, medium sized work, etc. No low-bowls or plates. They take up too many shelves in a workshop.

Important Information about Bisque Firing: For this firing workshop you need to create work in Cone 10 Clay Bodies. If you're working in Porcelain: bisque fire to cone 08. We DO NOT recommend using B-Mix - it won't produce the same results we are are getting with our new glaze formulations. For LB Blend, Red or Black Stoneware (like Black Mountain) we recommend bisque firing to cone 06. Important: The bisque-firing temperatures we recommend are extremely important. This way we can apply black slip to some of the work you bring with you for added effects with the glazes we'll be featuring in the workshop. 

Sunday September 8th: Tom and Amy will start the workshop in the morning with an overview of the glazes and techniques for the workshop week. Tom will demonstrate the technique of spraying using black slip. Participants will spray black slip onto some of the bisque ware you've brought with you. Tom will start wheel demonstrations in the main studio for people as they finish up getting their work ready for bisque. After lunch we'll load and start the bisque while participants spend the afternoon inside with Tom while he demonstrates throwing, altering and decorating with slips and tools on the wheel.

Monday September 9th: We'll unload our bisque in the morning and Tom will demonstrate rolling, dipping and spraying glazes. Tom and I will spend the morning with you while you glaze your work with hands on instruction as you learn to apply glaze onto your work for the best results. After lunch on Monday we will load our glazed wares into the Geil Reduction Kiln. The kiln will be on pilot for the night.

Tuesday September 10th: Tom invites workshop participants to start working on the wheels with him for hands-on instruction in throwing porcelain. We will be throwing, altering, applying decorating slip and trimming. The kiln will be firing and we'll go into reduction sometime between 8:00 - 10:00 am. Elaine will start working with participants who would like to learn carving and incising with her.

Wednesday September 11th: Tom and participants will continue with trimming the work they threw the day before. We'll open the kiln with a Glaze Critique by mid-morning. This is an important day of Critique and continued Hands-on Instruction. Participants will continue to glaze work for the next firing in between working on the potters wheels. After lunch the crew will load the kiln for the second glaze firing while participants continue to work on the wheels with Tom and have hands-on instruction with Elaine.

Thursday September 12th: We'll fire the second glaze firing throughout the day. Tom and workshop participants will trim their work and continue with the work he's been throwing and decorating during the week while the kiln is firing.

Friday September 13th: Kiln Opening with a Glaze Critique. We'll pack up our wares to ship. The workshop will end between 12 noon and 2 pm. 

Workshop Fee: $1000.00

When we receive your 50% deposit of $500.00 we will send you a confirmation email. The remaining $500.00 is due at the time of the workshop. Your workshop fee includes your lab fees for firings and glazes. 

Lodging is close by. We recommend staying at an Air BnB. We've had several participants find great places to stay at an excellent price by searching with the Air BnB.

Our Workshops fill quickly. If you need to cancel you're registration you can do so with a full refund up to 60 days before the workshop start date. Any cancelation occurring less than 60 days before the start of the workshop will not be refunded. Travel plans and shipments for the workshop have started and the funds are being utilized for this workshop.

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