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First Friday Art Tour

A Virtual Gallery

The First Friday Art Tour is an ArtWalla sponsored event which runs every First Friday 4:30 - 7pm from April-October. Due to our current health crisis, First Fridays have been moved to virtual events, meaning that ArtWalla will be highlighting local artists via our Facebook page and website.

Every First Friday, ArtWalla hosts a Pop-Up show that brings three artists from our community to display their work in our headquarters at the downtown Showroom on Colville Street. For our virtual First Friday event, we will post photos of each artist’s work, as well as a brief artist interview on our website. In addition, this year ArtWalla is beginning to host special events in our headquarters, ranging from dance performances to music and interactive art making displays. April’s special event is a dance performance, a video of which will also be posted on our Facebook and website.

Until the stay at home order is lifted, we will be posting featured artists at some of ourFirst Friday Art Tour venues, bringing the Art Tour to you.

In a myriad of ways, our community has new challenges that we must face together. At ArtWalla, we remain committed to our mission of promoting the arts in our community, and we believe that with these new challenges comes new opportunities for art interaction and art stewardship. Please join us in finding new ways to support the arts in our community by visiting our Facebook page and our website to begin another year of First Friday.

September Artists

Meet the Artists

Carolyn Zingmark

Born and raised in the northwest, I was a teacher and later a school administrator. Upon retirement I wanted to explore my interests in new areas including watercolors. I had enjoyed the once a week art in elementary with my students but watercolor painting was far more complex than anything I had done with them. I began with lessons and a few workshops. Wow! I could really paint! Now I continue challenging myself and learning new techniques.

I work primarily in transparent watercolor because it allows layering of color resulting in rich colors. The basis for most of my paintings are garden flowers, animals and outdoor scenes.

Getting outside is good for the soul. Through my artwork, I try to bring the outside in. Living with paintings that pay tribute to the natural world reminds us to slow down and helps us reconnect with nature.

Ellen Heath

I love light. I love color. I love the life that surrounds us. I can always find something eye catching and beautiful as I walk near our home in the hills of the Walla Walla valley or in nearby small towns. It may be a black sheep looking hopefully out of his pen, a clump of flowers sparkling in the sun or a dark weathered stairway in an alley. I hope my paintings will rekindle a happy memory for the viewer.

 I spent most of my growing-up years in Bellevue, Washington. My mom first instilled in me the love of creating art. Then, off I went to college in Walla Walla where I took art and biology classes, met Cliff and raised three daughters, designed advertising for the local newspaper, and taught elementary school.

 I began watercolor painting over 15 years ago when I took a class from Joyce Anderson. I love the brilliant colors, values, and realism, that I can create with these transparent paints. I feel like I can learn something new every time I pick up a brush. 

I have now shown my work, entered contests and sold pieces in shops. I make notecards and prints of my watercolors, started a shop on Etsy, and have been teaching watercolors with ZOOM.

 Helen Boland

I work mainly in watercolor, ink, acrylics and pastel. As a lifelong scientist and naturalist much of my art reflects my love of animals, nature and landscape. In addition to creating art at home and studio I carry my travel art supplies sketchbook along with me practically everywhere I go. En plein air painting in natural settings finds me in the mountains, on farms, in gardens and even in town. Waiting in airports or for appointments are more opportunities to sketch, capture characters and scenes and practice technique. My daily art practice documents my life and community as it moves between realism and impression with attention to form, light, mood and activity.

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