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Created on: 02 Jun 2021
Here are the pieces that have been in shows around the Pacific Northwest this year.
  • Wine by the Glass - a stacked watercolor painting. I set this up in my back yard using a fabulous Dumas Station Chardonnay (with permission). The background behind my fence is the Dumas Station hills
  • Original Watercolor on an 8" x 8" block. The code in the corner takes the viewer inside to find art in an alley in Dayton. $250.00
  • One of my 6" x 6" Code Blocks that leads to the YouTube Video for Art in an Alley.
  • The Cabbage - 18 separate watercolor paintings sculpted and glued to the base painting. I call it a "Stacked Watercolor" because I stack the paintings on top of each other. $1,500.00
  • After the Quilt Show - Watercolor Donated to the Depot Auction August 7, 2021
  • Highway 12 - Through the Window of a Mini Cooper at 65 MPH - December 2020
  • Deer Rest One - Stacked Watercolor Paintings 2021 $450.00
  • The Quiet and the Mesquite - Watercolor 2021
  • Owl Be Watching You
  • Flagger Makes Us See Poppies in Dixie - July 2021 A Stacked Watercolor Painting with dual landscapes.

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