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Created on: 03 Jun 2021
Making the rounds this season with stacked watercolor paintings...
  • Flagger Makes Us Stop and See Poppies in Dixie - Stacked Watercolor Painting 2021
  • Peony in a Tea Cup - Stacked Watercolor Paintings with online video 2021
  • Tools of the Trade - Individual Watercolor Paintings on canvas mat. 2021 With YouTube Video
  • Angle of Repose -Zion National Park Individual Stacked Watercolor Paintings 2021
  • Grande Capuchinas at the Gallery in Richland - A Stacked Watercolor Painting - Chosen as the EWWS Watercolor Award at the Art in the Park juried show.
  • Owl Be Watching You - Mixed Media 2021 This is watercolor, acrylic, and oil-based varnish on sourdough starter.
  • Kirk and Deputy
  • The Postmark - Redwood Valley, CA. Stacked Torn Paper Watercolor Painting
  • Smokey - Ukiah, California 1975 Oil on Canvas

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