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ArtSquared 2022 (8)

Created on: 23 Apr 2022
This is where you can see the blocks I am creating for ArtSquared 2022
  • Grapes on Sourdough - all sides of this block are covered with Sourdough and painted.
  • Goldfish on Sourdough - I use Sourdough starter to form an active Gesso then paint on the dried surface
  • Blue Mountain Guided Drool - Acrylic Drool on Sourdough base.
  • Who Can Say - Acrylic on Sourdough base
  • Sunrise on the Palouse - Acrylic on Sourdough
  • Dragons have long memories - Acrylic on Sourdough Base
  • Chicken Little was RIGHT! The Sky is FALLING! - Acrylic on Sourdough
  • Octopus Garden on Sourdough

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