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About us

ArtWalla was originally formed in 1992 as the Blue Mountain Arts Alliance, a non-profit organization engaged in facilitating the acquisition of public art and education about that art. ArtWalla’s legacy is visually evidenced by the stunning collection of public art gracing Walla Walla’s historic downtown core. In 2011, leadership of ArtWalla shifted to an all-volunteer board committed to the challenging work of restructuring to serve the broader arts community.

The mission of ArtWalla is to support and strengthen the Arts as an integral part of daily life, education and economic development in the Walla Walla Valley. ArtWalla envisions an arts culture of excellence with vibrant events, innovative programs and multiple, diverse sources of sustained support. To this end, ArtWalla is dedicated to collaborative participation, aggressive Arts advocacy and dynamic membership services.


Board of Directors

ArtWalla is led by a volunteer board comprised of community members dedicated to encouraging the arts in the Walla Walla Valley. Interested in working with ArtWalla, volunteering, or heading up a sub-committee? Please contact to find out about opportunities!

Patty Gardner- President

 Five years ago, I participated in the first ArtSquared event, which was terrifying for me, but more importantly, amazing to see how this community supports artists and the arts. Because of events like ArtSquared, Dia de los Muertos, The Creative Network, and the strong involvement ArtWalla has in promoting all arts in the valley, my partner Jean and I knew Walla Walla was the place we wanted to live full-time, so we moved here from Seattle two years ago. One of the first things I wanted to do was get involved in this strong art community. I am very proud and excited to be on the board for ArtWalla and honored to work with such a talented group of folks.

Tricia Harding- Treasurer, ArtSquared Sub-Committee

I moved to Walla Walla over eight years ago and promptly got recruited to join ArtWalla’s board of directors.  At that time ArtWalla was focussed on Public Art and I had just left a community where I was chair of the City Commission for Art in Public Places.  It was a good fit and a great way to meet the arts community in Walla Walla.  Fast forward 8 years and I am still excited to be working with a wonderful group of commitment volunteers that want to see a vibrant arts community in the Walla Walla Valley.  I am very proud of all that ArtWalla has accomplished and so love all the creative opportunities in our community.  We are all very lucky to have so much available to us in this tiny corner of the state.  In my free time I am a mixed media paper artist who loves playing in my studio and collaborating with creative people.

Hannah Bartman- Secretary, Public Art Sub-Committee

I graduated from Whitman College in 2016 as an Art Major and has since followed my passion to expand artistic opportunities for my community. My involvement with ArtWalla began three years ago, and most recently I have been involved in reviving the First Friday Art Tour. In her spare time she can be found making stickers, reading up on Walla Walla history and soaking up some Vitamin D. I also participate on the Public Art Sub-Committee and am ArtWalla's representative on the Walla Walla Arts Commission.

Natalie Lyons-Cohen- Grants Sub-Committee, Equity in the Arts Sub-Committee

I graduated from Whitman College in 2016 as well and have always loved being surrounded by creatives and creators of all types. I can be found at Foundry Vineyards during the week, an amazing art gallery and winery in town. When I'm not enjoying the Walla Walla art scene you can find me cooking, reading, or probably with Hannah! I also participate on the Marketing & Membership Committee.

Greg Tate 

I’m a retired college art instructor who moved, along with my wife, to Walla Walla two years ago. I became involved with Artwalla by entering ArtSquared and then later joined the committee for the 6x6 show. My wife Twila and I have shown our artwork at Saviah Cellars, StudioArticolore and the Patisserie. I’m currently on the board for Studioarticolore and artist co-op member. I participate on the Public Art Sub-Committee.

Lynn Woolsen

Sarah Leighty
Katy Rizzutti

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