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FFAT Brassier Four
Artist: Maddie Bailey
F4: Flora, Fauna, Femme, Force
Brasserie Four | Sophia Titterton, Hannah Bartman, Maddie Bailey, Lindsey Tebeck
Hannah Bartman
Hannah Bartman creates work that focuses on deconstructing the notion of place using graphic imagery and vinyl stickers. In the body of work at Brasserie Four, she created Tondos with graphic symbology using vinyl and gold leaf that took inspiration from the women in Greek myths. In the way that the viewer is always implicated in the object being viewed, so is the meaning of myth created by the time and place in which it is viewed. These works, then, are saturated with traces of Hannah’s white feminine identity in a contemporary landscape. Hannah graduated from Whitman in 2016 BA in arts and has since shown in galleries and public spaces locally.
Lindsey Tebeck
Lindsay Tebeck is heavily inspired by line art from the Nouveau period and contemporary American Neo-Traditionalism. These line-heavy styles are reflected in her own work as she ventures to marry nature with symbology to share commentary with her viewers. Lindsay obtained her BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2015 and has received numerous artist grants, honors, and awards for her illustrative works.
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