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FFAT Frank Laufer
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Frank laufer
Studio TwoZeroTwo
At times your work appears celestial or other worldly, how do you think about these concepts in your work?
I think my work is about feeling rather than saying ideas or concepts. But having said that I might have a desire or intention to convey expansion or fullness that I feel and often these celestial or planetary formations are a way to express that, they lend themselves to that type of feeling or expression for me. Something transcendent that I think everyone feels and now hopefully my painting is a gateway for the viewer to have their own experience.
What other artists are you inspired by?
Painters who I love and find inspiration from their passion to create are Philip Guston, Willem deKooning, Turner, Pollock, Joan Mitchell to name a few. And of course patron saint to painters Vincent VG.
Your work has many brilliant colors - how do you choose/respond to colors?
I love strong and vibrant colors, they convey expressive emotions and also excite the eye. I normally do not pre-plan specific colors for each painting but often let the painting dictate that. I like to use many colors and always find that experimenting with different combinations gives nice surprises. When I started painting I was surprised to find that I liked using color combinations that previously I did not really think I liked.
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