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Social Justice Warriors (6)

Created on: 08 Jun 2021
I am inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement so created portraits of George Floyd and Emmett Till, that are nearly 70 years apart and reveal the long legacy of racism and violence against Black people in the U.S. Recently the term social justice warrior or SJW has had negative connotations. Some think a SJW is a person who does not hold strong principles but pretends they do. Frequently it is simply a way to dismiss anyone who brings up social justice. In this collection I am highlighting people that sincerely believe by their words and actions the original meaning of social justice warrior. These are individuals who advocate for social justice for those who are less fortunate, do not have the resources to succeed and need a helping hand.

Keywords: abstract, expressionism, acrylics, invokes a mood, history, historical, politics, pop art, portraits, portraiture, characters, political, contemporary, people, faces, caricature, social justice, woke, protest, resist, demonstrate, take to the streets, confrontation

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