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CAVU Cellars Welcomes Eastern Oregon Artists

  • 02 Jun 2021
  • 27 Jun 2021

Janni Kerns, Sarah Fry, Alicia Andrews, Sarah Greenman, and Mary Davies Kerns

Each artist brings her own unique vision and story to their work--their personal take on their everyday environment and what makes the artist reach out and embrace life. This collective show has a bit of everything-- from landscapes to wildlife, from the cosmos to still life.

Janni Kerns creates graphite drawing and watercolor paintings. She portrays animals and people in a spare style that captures the essence of her subject matter

Sarah Fry uses paintings in a landscape format to communicate her ideas of place, home, and familiarity. 

Alicia Andrews creates paintings that at first may seem like a collection of divergent objects pleasingly arranged, but they also tell a story. Each unique creation contains pieces of her everyday life connected by a narrative in her mind. 

Sarah Greenman’s work is deeply informed by place, by nature, and by seasons and cycles, which she weaves into her paintings, poems, plays, and multilayered creative offerings. 

Mary Davies Kerns paints the wide vistas of the High Desert in Southeast Oregon. A full-time rancher, Mary also includes cattle, horses, working dogs, range sheep, and ranch people in her paintings.

CAVU Cellars is located at 175 E Aeronca, Walla Walla, WA, in the Airport District. For further

information on our art shows, call Karen, 509-540-6351.

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