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Little Watts: Leapin' Louie

  • 12 Mar 2023
  • 2:00 PM
  • Gesa Power House Theatre

Gesa Power House Theatre welcomes Leapin’ Louie to the stage on Sunday, March 12, at 2 p.m. This Little Watts Family Series show is sponsored by Walla Walla Valley Honda and AAUW-Walla Walla.

Leapin’ Louie uses circus, cowboy tricks, puppetry, and lots of comedy to explore all those amazing critters—including us—who fly.

In 500 million years, powered flight evolved five times: insects, pterosaurs, birds, bats, and finally, humans.  Only 66 years after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, we landed on the moon.  Louie becomes an eagle on a six-foot unicycle.  An audience member becomes a moon rocket!

David Lichtenstein has performed full-time physical theater for 30 years. A master of physical comedy, trick roping, whip cracking, and juggling, he has performed  one-person Leapin’ Louie shows in 35 different countries around world, including many tours each in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

David also has worked for two decades with the international relief organization Clowns Without Borders USA, bringing joy and laughter to people in refugee camps, conflict zones and places experiencing natural disaster. With CWB, he has organized and performed on projects bringing professional performers and theater teachers to Chiapas, Guatemala, Haiti, South Africa, Palestine, Egypt and more.

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