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FFAT Dianna Woolley
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Dianna Woolley
ArtEscape Studios
"Artist Conduit — Transforming life’s experiences into abstract images"
This short quote welcoming you to my Instagram site (@diannawoolley) pretty much sums up who I am as an artist. Having led a full life as business executive, avid traveller, entrepreneur and artist, my experiences inform the process driven practice of my abstractions. My images are seldom planned in detail, yet appear as landscapes, heavens, hells, doggies, donkeys and sometimes even human beings. I’m repeatedly told by viewers and clients alike of the images they find in the work and their viewer eyes broaden mine as the paintings continue to tell my stories. My works in process and finished pieces currently inhabit 3 distinct locations – my Walla Walla home studio, a studio at Art Escape Studios, 3 W. Poplar, Walla Walla, WA, and Combine Art Collective, 130 E. Rose, Walla Walla, WA. By request,, private tours may be arranged. My work may be viewed online at and
Some Answers Here to Some Questions:
Having worked with the medium of encaustics for more than a decade I’m transitioning my current work into works on paper with traditional oils and cold wax Medium. I’m enjoying the oil painting as it harkens back to my original education in painting through traditional oil works on canvas. Both mediums remain in my portfolio, yet currently it feels appropriate in this day of “less is (maybe) more," that the paperworks will hold their heads high during the current transformative trends in art making. My work is rendered through an intuitive process with the process predicting both the beginning and completion of a painting. I never quite know when or how the next piece will develop but I have fun along the way and know when the painting shouts “finished!"
What are your favorite objects to photograph? Why?
Most of my images are found photography, I wander around with my camera, things catch my eye and I want to explore more. I am drawn to architecture, nature, water, night and I want to take a closer look.
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