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FFAT Tara Graves
Artist: Maddie Bailey
Tara Graves
ArtEscape Studios
Some of your work references humans by the obvious absence of them (Night Photography and Urban Landscape are examples); how do you think about people in your work? 
Specific people are not the subject of the images. The subjects in night photography and urban landscapes are created by people. My photos are looking more at what was created by people and nature rather than the people themselves.
What draws you towards certain close-up images in nature? Or, what is your process?
In macro photography I am drawn to the detail, texture and magnification. I think focusing on these aspects show a different perspective of things one does not always take the time to explore. In the Wolf Fork Canyon project, the macro shots show the details of a few aspects that make up the entire landscape.
What are your favorite objects to photograph? Why?
Most of my images are found photography, I wander around with my camera, things catch my eye and I want to explore more. I am drawn to architecture, nature, water, night and I want to take a closer look.
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