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Home-Made Animal Masks
Miss Morby has been a practicing artist for over 20 years. Currently she has been painting portraits of young climate change activists and endangered animals for her upcoming show at the Parish Trust in San Francisco. She has exhibited with such galleries as Ochi Gallery in Sun Valley ID and Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh PA. She has exhibited her work in New York City in shows as well as the Fountain Art fair.

In-Shelter Zoo came out of answering that question: What to do while cooped up inside? Experience as child taught that the best games come out of boredom. I have always loved wild animals. I wanted to own a zoo, be a zookeeper, and be an exotic animal as well. As an adult, I understand zoos are a complicated idea. Some people see cages and restrictions, while others can see protection and care. Here at In-Shelter Zoo our motto is: To Love, Protect, and Respect the Animals.

To join the In-Shelter Zoo:

1. Make your own animal mask, from real or imaginary animals.
2. Go to
3. In the menu, go to Contact. Please, fill out the form to give permission to publish your animal.

4. Take a selfie and email it to

5. Your animal will live in the In-Shelter Zoo for forever, and ever.
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