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Lost in Lines Coloring Book
Lindsay Tebeck & Jared Nettles |
Couple Jared Nettles and Lindsay Tebeck share extensive experience in producing pen and ink line works. Jared is a local artist who has had the joy of commissioning personal works for many Walla Wallans. Lindsay has contributed her work to local organizations and galleries.

“I love working with lines for their ability to lead my mind astray. There’s something refreshing about the whole process! Some of the line works I include here are simple sketches, other works I enjoyed finishing with color myself. I hope you find coloring these works to be as soothing a process as it has been for me!”
-Lindsey Tebeck

“I hope you have as much fun coloring these as I had drawing them! It’ll be a long distance collaboration-me on the lines, you on the color. Send me the finished pics. I’d love to see what you come up with!”
-Jared Nettles
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